Whether you are wanting to learn QuickBooks for your own small business needs or you want to train your employees on QuickBooks, I am here to assist you. I offer onsite, hands-on training on all versions of desktop QuickBooks as well as QuickBooks Online. If all you need is someone to assist you in setting up your QuickBooks company, I can help you.

QuickBooks Set Up

All information needed to set up your manual accounting system is also required to set up your QuickBooks desktop or online firm. Switching from manual accounting to QuickBooks in the middle of the year can cause even more issues. And switching from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online is even more frustrating.

Many business owners are not aware of what accounting method they should use, what a chart of accounts is or how to set it up or how to handle the beginning balances. We maintain our QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification so we are well versed on the ways around QuickBooks.

Included with your QuickBooks setup service is the following:

  • Evaluate your software and accounting needs to best advise you of which QuickBooks to get.
  • Install the software on your laptop or computer.
  • Set up your chart of accounts to best fit your needs.
  • Make sure all preferences are set up correctly so you get the most out of your accounting software, including accounts receivable options, accounts payable options, report viewing, etc.
  • Load all beginning balances for bank accounts, credit cards, or liabilities.
  • Record all prior year ending balances reconciled to your prior year tax return so that you can continue with accurate information as needed to make managerial decisions for your business.
  • Entering all outstanding checks and deposits so that you can beginning using the bank reconciliation function of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Training & Support

Once your QuickBooks software is installed and accurately set up you may feel you need additional training on the use and functions of the software. We provide training sessions to you and your employees at your location.

We recommend you delve into QuickBooks for at least a week or two in order to determine which functions you need help with the most. This allows us to spend our training time on the exact individual issues you are having. As you are performing your daily accounting functions start making a list of issues you are facing. Once you feel you have worked out all the bugs of learning a new software give us a call. We will take the time to show you how to resolve all the issues in an efficient manner. You will no longer waste your valuable time on trying to figure out how to operate QuickBooks.

After your initial training session is over, we are still available to assist you with any further issues you may be facing. Simply give us a call and we can try to help you over the phone. If we are unable to help you by phone we can schedule another session to come to you and help you resolve any new issue you may be encountering.